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About Us

MDL is a diamond manufacturing and brokerage firm with offices in Antwerp (Belgium), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Toronto (Canada). Our extensive exposure to the international diamond markets allows us to source and locate a wide range of diamonds from internally flawless to I2, from 0.005pt to 5.00ct, in all shapes. Our extensive inhouse inventory allows us to service most jewellers across Canada and the United States overnight. Furthermore, MDL is a proud supplier of the Canadian Arcticmark Diamond. Each diamond is tracked from rough crystal to the final product, creating an unbroken chain and guaranteed to be natural and untreated. Each polished diamond is laser inscribed with the Arcticmark logo, an image of a maple leaf and a unique serial ID number to guarantee its authenticity.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is quite simple. Our worldwide offices seamlessly and efficiently supply jewellery retail and wholesale clients with superb products priced very competitively. Our web site allows clients to browse our extensive inventory in real time, and to be able to present their clients with timely and accurate information (including desired markups, as required). This arrangement allows for faster and more efficient integration of supplier/retailer operations. Our goal is to serve and succeed hand-in-hand with our customers.


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